the making of...

Amelia Poamz likes to define herself as a creative. She is a spoken word artist, actress, radio presenter, public speaker, host and events curator.

Born and bred in East London, Hackney, Amelia doesn't shut up about it. She is a proud east londoner. 

From a young age, Acting was her first love, frequently involved with her local theatre Hackney Empire from the age of 14. Amelia went on to study Contemporary Theatre and Performance in university with the determination to excel as an actress. Sadly, life through her and her family obstacles and she soon hit hard times, changing the course of her future.

Amelia Poamz battled financial difficulties, housing uncertainty which inevitably had an effect on her mental health. Through this time, Amelia took to poetry as an creative outlet to channel her negative emotions. She wanted to turn her negative experience and feelings into something positive and productive. Amelia always wants to remain open and honest about herself and life to encourage others to speak more about their insecurities and normalise empathy instead of stigma.

In 2017 Amelia began sharing her poetry, speaking about homelessness, women empowerment, self love and so much more. She was quickly booked more multiple events and her poetry career began.

Amelia has since performed at The Houses of Parliament, The Barbican, The Secret Garden Party and many more. 

giving back...

Amelia Poamz has been active in giving back to her community, organisations that have helped her and causes she has been affected by. Growing up Amelia became a peer mentor and drama facilitator for the Artist Development Programme run by Hackney Empire. 

After her battle with housing difficulties, she was helped by the housing charity Shelter. Shelter successfully helped her family keep the roof over their head. Through the uncertain times Amelia vowed to give back the moment she felt she could. Amelia started volunteering for Shelter and curated a live music event, A Night in with Shelter raising awareness of youth homelessness in 2018. Amelia continuously spoke at public events raising awareness of homelessness and influenced their new strategy. She went on to work for Shelter as a Grow Trainee, utilising her lived experiences of housing issues whilst being trained on housing and homelessness law to support those in need.

Homelessness and Domestic Abuse go hand in hand so shortly after joining Shelter, Amelia was asked to join the UK's first Domestic Abuse Commission launched by London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council.


Sadly, Barking and Dagenham has had some of the highest rates police reported cases of domestic abuse. The commission was chaired by CEO of Shelter and former CEO of Women's Aid, Polly Neate, who brought together 12 national experts to best inform LBBD council's approach to domestic abuse. 


Amelia spent 12 months as the Community Engagement Officer, facilitating community workshops and conversations about attitudes towards Domestic Abuse. She visited schools, youth groups, faith groups, services and wider members of the community. She also ran a Survivors Panel Group for survivors of domestic abuse in the borough to directly feed into the work of the commission. Amelia lead training sessions for staff, young people and community groups on Understanding Domestic Abuse. 

Since her role on the commission has come to an end, she is currently working on continuing workshops with young people. Amelia is a firm believer that young people need to develop healthy attitudes towards intimate partner relationships, regardless of their upbringing or surroundings.

so what now...

Whilst working on the domestic abuse commission Amelia joined BBC Radio London as a presenter on Thursday evenings. Amelia saw this as a good time to finally solely focus on her creativity. Currently Amelia Poamz is working on her poetry, music, radio career and events.