Healthy relationships are integral for our development, mental health and general wellbeing. Its something we all assume we are aware of but in practicality many of us share different views on what makes a healthy relationship. The risk of not understanding what makes a healthy relationship is, possibly ending up in an abusive one.

Domestic abuse in intimate partner relationships is incredibly common across, cultures, ages, sexuality and class. Affecting 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men

Following the Education Secretary guidance, from September 2020, All schools will need to teach their pupils about relationships and sex education. This is great but what pupils take away from these lessons is what will influence change.

Through my work with the Domestic Abuse Commission, I have facilitated many engaging workshops with young people exploring their views on relationships, gender roles and domestic abuse. With the key objectives;

  • Understanding where they have learned their ideas of relationships from.

  • Exploring their views on gender roles.

  • Changing behaviors to change attitudes.

  • Identifying all forms of domestic abuse and the signs to help identify them.

  • Breaking down the myths of domestic abuse and reinforcing empathy for those experiencing it.

  • Empowering them with how to seek help or support someone they know who is experiencing domestic abuse.

Real Talk, Lets Talk. Relationships offers engaging and specifically aimed at young people. My  approach is to be as transparent and relatable as possible to enable young people to feel more comfortable and open up. We understand that some teachers may not feel comfortable having these conversations with young people due to the possible breakdown of boundaries and young people have told me that they don’t always feel comfortable having these conversations with their teachers. Having an external person come in and lead these workshops can help these overcome barriers and open the dialogue for further workshops and learning to be done.



“Amelia planned and delivered a series of workshops on Domestic Abuse to small groups at Mayesbrook Park School. The workshops were engaging, well planned and the feedback given from staff and students was positive. The girls group especially commented that it was extremely valuable to explore these issues in a safe space and have their voices heard. Amelia was positive, professional and helpful throughout the whole process”

Ms Doyle  / Associate Senior Leader at Mayesbrook Park School

As Amelia’s manager for role as Community Engagement Officer for the DA Commission, I’ve seen first hand Amelia’s natural flare for delivering workshops and engaging audiences. When delivering workshops to young people, Amelia really held the attention of the young people - even when teachers warned that the young people might find it hard to concentrate on the task. Amelia’s down to earth approach meant that young people opened up and began to think differently about relationships and Domestic Abuse. The proof of Amelia’s  approach can be seen in the response from young people directly who constantly asked for “more workshops” and “more time” at the end of Amelia’s sessions, and the staff who asked for her to come back to deliver another session.


Amelia is able to make healthy relationships and domestic abuse workshops, which can be a bit of an awkward and difficult discussion, fun and enjoyable for young people and adults alike. Amelia has experience of delivering workshops to a range of young people and wider groups tailoring her approach and examples used to fit the group’s needs – including LGBTQ+ young people, those within pupil referral units, those in mainstream schools and those in youth clubs.


Amelia also ran a Survivors Panel, with survivors of domestic abuse and again was able to build up great relationships with the domestic abuse survivors, allowing them to feel listened to and heard. If you’re looking for a passionate trainer who is both knowledgeable about domestic abuse and healthy relationships, and who will deliver workshops with energy and enthusiasm to any audience, I would definitely recommend Amelia.